About Us

We are a Pallet Manufacturer Serving Oklahoma and Texas

The Red River Pallet plant in Marietta, Oklahoma was founded in January 2005. With more than 30 years of experience in the pallet manufacturing industry, business owner, Mark Greufe and his team transformed a former peanut factory into a successful business.

Our pallets are made-to-order with customer satisfaction as our number one priority. Although we primarily construct our pallets from southern yellow pine, we can also produce pallets from oak, spruce, pine and Canadian fir.

90% of our pallets are constructed with state-of-the-art automated nailing equipment, which is capable of producing thousands of pallets per day. Design software allows us to create unique pallets for each application, while retaining the specifications for future reference. We also have the ability to manufacture a smaller amount of specialty pallets using jigs with hand built capabilities to fill special orders.

Safety is important to Red River Pallet, and we strictly enforce safety regulations with all management, staff and employees.

Because our pallets are unique to each customer, contact us to request a quote.


Ready to start working with us?

Ready to start working with us?