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Oklahoma & North Texas Custom Pallet Manufacturer, Supplier, & Recycler

We are a custom pallet manufacturer that supplies new, used, and custom pallets. Start working with a trusted pallet supplier.
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We are a Pallet Manufacturer Serving Oklahoma and Texas. We Provide Your Platform for Success

Pallets move merchandise around the world. They connect your products to your customers and partners. We connect pallets to you. Our pallets are manufactured to meet your specific needs and to provide your platform for success in your manufacturing, transport or shipping. Strengthen your connection with customers and partners by strengthening your pallet manufacturing.
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Oklahoma and Texas Pallets For Sale

Our Pallets & Products

Purchase new, used or recycled pallets for your business or organization. We have pallets for sale that are manufactured to the exact needs of your manufacturing, transport or shipping. Your products deserve high quality pallets, have them manufactured or buy them now with Red River Pallet.


Oklahoma and Texas Pallet Services

Helping your product reach customers and partners through pallets and more.

Packaging & Crating

When Shipping your products, having the correct packaging is critical. Traditional pallets won’t always satisfy your shipping or transportation needs. Red River Pallet’s professional equipment can create custom packaging and crating to help your product reach your customers and partners. Inefficiencies and disasters in your shipping and transport are devastating. Trust the packaging and crating of your product to an experienced team.
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Pallet Design Software

Pallet Design Software allows you to take your shipping and transportation to the next level with the help of Red River Pallet. Our professional pallet design software allows us to create pallets to your exact specifications.
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Heat Treated Pallets

We are certified to provide wood pallets and packaging to meet ISPM-15 regulations. Red River Pallet is audited by Timber Products Inspection.
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Oklahoma & Texas Pallet Manufacturer: Red River Pallet

Your Custom Pallet Manufacturer and Supplier

Our pallets are made-to-order with customer satisfaction as our number one priority. Although we primarily construct our pallets from southern yellow pine, we can also produce pallets from oak, spruce, pine and Canadian fir.

1. Identify Your Pallet manufacturing needs

2. We deliver Our Custom Pallet Solution

3. Enjoy your platform for success

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